• Due to the increased demand for biofuels by 2022, the activated bleaching earth market is expected to grow rapidly

    The global activated bleaching earth market appreciated by USD 2.35 billion in 2014. It is estimated that it will develop at a considerable compound annual growth rate during the forecast period. Activated clay is a kind of earthen product, which is composed of montmorillonite, bentonite and atta...
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  • White alumina ball for desiccant

    Activated alumina balls have many uses and specifications, which can be summarized into 5 major functions. Alumina desiccant: It mainly uses the developed pores of activated alumina balls and super strong water vapor absorption capacity. It will not deform or break after absorbing water, and will...
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  • China manufacturer Ion Negative Powder for Oxidation Resistance/Paint/Coating

    Principle of use: Negative ion Features: Small particle size, high activity Characteristic: Oxidation resistance Effect Air purification: recuperation and health care. Place: Home, office. Technology: Ecological negative ion generation chip. Usage of ion negative powder: (1) Purify the air. The n...
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  • Diatomaceous earth powder food grade for sale

    Diatomaceous earth powder food grade, which can be used to diatomaceous earth filter, food grade oil so on. Diatomaceous earth is composed of amorphous SiO2, and contains a small amount of Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, Al2O3 and organic impurities. Diatomaceous earth is usually light yellow or light gray, ...
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  • Asbestos fiber for building

    Asbestos cement products have high bending and tensile strength and can be made into thin-walled products; they also have many advantages such as corrosion resistance, impermeability, good frost resistance and heat resistance, and easy mechanical processing. Its main disadvantage is low impact st...
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  • Factory direct kaolin application

    kaolin application: The appearance of kaolin ore is white, light gray and other colors. When it contains impurities, it will be yellow, back or rose. It is dense, massive or loose soil, soft in texture, slippery, and harder than nails. Relative density 2.4~2.6. High refractoriness, up to 1700~179...
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  • Lithium zeolite sodium zeolite 13X HP for oxygen concentrator

    Zeolite molecular sieves have a strong separation effect on nitrogen and oxygen. It has the structure and characteristics of a crystal, the surface is a solid skeleton, and the internal cavities can play the role of adsorbing molecules. There are pores connected to each other between the cavities...
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  • Grassland Lithium verified its ability to extract 99.7% lithium from salt water in 5 minutes

    PRAIRIE LITHIUM (the “Company” or “Prairie Lithium”), Canada’s leading lithium brine and technology development company, is pleased to announce that its core Prairie Lithium (Plix) technology has undergone third-party verification at a laboratory scale to achieve On ...
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  • High carbon high purity graphite powder for casting

    Our type: graphite powder, graphite flakes, expand graphite so on.   graphite powder is a very sensitive chemical reaction material.  In different environments, its resistivity will change, its resistance value will change, but one thing will not change. Graphite powder is one of the good ...
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  • High quality 5A zeolite molecular sieve 13x hp

    Zeolite: lithium zeolite, zeolite 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X HP, it is specially for oxygen making. Zeolite molecular sieves have a strong separation effect on nitrogen and oxygen. It has the structure and characteristics of a crystal, the surface is a solid skeleton, and the internal cavities can play the ...
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  • A simple and effective high-flow oxygen concentrator in hardware store parts

    To say that a lot of things have happened in the year since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is an understatement of epic events, so much so that it is difficult to remember the early days of the hardware hacker community that used mass-produced PPE reaction. , Homemade ventilator and...
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  • Zeolite molecular sieve market insight, share, trend, future scope analysis, forecast to 2027

    The zeolite molecular sieve market was valued at US$4.81 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach US$6.72 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.27%. Zeolite molecular sieves are widely used as catalysts in various chemical processes. The increasing demand for zeolite molecular ...
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